Hutch dumps Nokia W-CDMA equipment

12 Jun 2003

According to unconfirmed reports circulating on the internet, Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) has made the decision to replace 700 Nokia-supplied W-CDMA base stations, just a month before the new infrastructure is set to go live. Various sources have suggested that Nokia’s kit has been taking longer to pass through interoperability testing than similar offerings from rivals Siemens and NEC. Furthermore, there have been hints that problems exist with the multimedia capabilities of the Nokia equipment. Both Nokia and Hutchison have remained tightlipped over the debacle with Nokia’s communications director Thomas Jonsson quoted by Unstrung as saying ‘We don’t unannounce contracts.’

The news from Hong Kong follows hot on the heels of stories that Hutchison 3G UK (H3G) was experiencing ‘continuing problems’ with the performance quality of Nokia’s W-CDMA infrastructure. The same source, Unstrung, reported that H3G was actually considering dropping the company from the second phase of its UK network rollout. It points to supporting evidence such as the fact that Nokia’s base stations have experienced problems with overheating and that both NEC and Siemens have announced the completion of first stage roll out while Nokia hasn’t.

Hong Kong