Five market leaders join to form AMI alliance

8 Apr 2003

Five Asian operators have announced that they have come together to form the Asia Mobility Initiative (AMI) alliance in order to provide their mobile customers with improved access, range, coverage and services. The five telcos – Hong Kong’s CSL, Maxis of Malaysia, Singapore’s MobileOne, Smart in the Philippines, and Australia’s Telstra – have a combined subscriber base of 20 million. The aim of the collaboration is to create seamless communications for mobile data services using the combined experience of the parties involved to improve the speed to market of new products; the AMI members will also share product development research and costs.

Roaming customers on the AMI network will have access to services such as GPRS, MMS and caller line identification. Other developments include increasing international user access to data services providing local information. Members of the AMI hope that the alliance will help boost their subscriber bases and that existing customers will realise the benefits of improved services and portfolios.