T-Mobile to launch t-zone data buckets

6 Mar 2003

Deutsche Telekom’s cellular subsidiary T-Mobile has announced a number of new pricing and mobile data initiatives which it plans to launch to the consumer market over the next three months. Yesterday it said that the cost of transmitting data over its networks would fall by as much as 70% this year. It is planning to introduce a more transparent pricing structure and to start offering its current GPRS customers ‘buckets’ of data enabling them to pay a set monthly fee, starting at EUR5, for a package of e-mails, downloads and internet page views within its t-zones mobile data portal. T-Mobile plans to use the same pricing strategy when third-generation services are launched on a commercial basis later in 2003. To this end it recently forged new content deals with Universal Music and television channel MTV which will allow subscribers to send and receive music and video clips.