It’s no longer camera obscura for mobile users

12 Feb 2003

An upsurge of interest in new camera phones in the fourth quarter of 2002 is being touted as more evidence that consumer demand for handsets that can take, send and receive photographs is at last emerging from the dark to take centre stage. Global sales of camera phones rose by 65% to 8.6 million in the fourth quarter, with Asia and Europe accounting for nearly 80% and 13% of all sales respectively. Phones with cameras made up 4% of worldwide sales in 2002, and 7% in Q4 alone. Sharp sold four million of the 17.9 million units shipped in 2002 and Nokia 2.2 million; the figures do not, however, include units with a snap on camera. In 2003 analysts expect sales of the devices will rise to around 37 million, or 9% of total handset sales as more and more people finally ditch their old phones to spend time taking pictures and playing games.