Kit and Caboodle from 3

6 Feb 2003

Hutchison 3G has announced tariff package details for its 3G service, scheduled for launch in the UK in mid-March. Option 1, 3ToGo, will carry no monthly fee but will charge customers 5p a minute for voice calls to other 3 customers and 10p a minute for other voice calls. Kit on 3, the second option, bundles 1,000 minutes of calls, 100 video minutes, 250 text messages, 50 downloads, 60 picture messages and 40 video messages for GBP59.99 per month on a 12-month contract. The third tarrif package, Caboodle on 3, ups the voice call limit to 2,000 minutes, with 200 video call messages, 500 text messages, 100 downloads, 120 picture messages and 80 video messages for GBP99.99 a month.