Lucent and T-Mobile launch pilot UMTS service

21 Jan 2003

Lucent Technologies [NYSE:LU] and T-Mobile have launched a trial of third-generation (3G) mobile services in the Nuremberg region of Germany to demonstrate the benefits of high-speed data services for business customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Lucent will supply T-Mobile with its Secure Mobile Data Solutions for Enterprises (SMDSe) offering, enabling business users to experience a raft of secure high-speed applications from their laptop PCs or PDAs which they would usually only have access to in the office. One of the key components of the 3G offering is the 3GlobeTrotter™ UMTS wireless modem PCMCIA card developed by Lucent and high speed data solutions manufacturer Option. Thomas Heilen, product manager for T-Mobile, said that the pilot project is an ideal opportunity for the cellco to extend and enhance its range of enterprise solutions, enabling it to strengthen its foothold in Europe’s wireless markets.